{Pupdate} Rollo Goes Back to the Vet

We just got in from a very long trip to the vet with Rollo.

After reviewing the x-rays it seems that Mr. Rollo has sprained one of his toes on his left paw. It can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to heal. We need to keep quiet and inactive…no more backyard romping with his best buddy Raven!

While we were there Rollo got to visit the woman who saved his life on the Parvo unit. She was stunned at what a big (67.9lbs) and healthy boy he has become!

I have to say I am really disappointed with the treatment that we received tonight though and really hope it was just an off night for them. They gave amazing care to both Rollo and Baby Bear upon their rescue so it was a shock to get a doctor who was afraid to touch Rollo (who btw was sleeping on the floor).

He kept insisting that a muzzle be used on Rollo. He would not even hold Rollo’s paw to examine it he was so afraid. 1. Your a vet, get used to big dogs…not all should be muzzled for your comfort. 2. Why do you need to muzzle a dog who is laying down on the floor with his head in my lap? 3. If you are that afraid…go get a doctor who will do his job (there were 2 others working). I won…Rollo did not get muzzled!

Then after dealing with all that and the vet tech’s (you guys ROCK!) doing all of the handling of Rollo it was time to check out. 45 minutes to even be called to come up and get my bill by one of the rudest/crankiest women ever!

Between the doctor and the desk I was at the vet for over 3.5 hours.

It was a long and very frustrating visit at Animal League, but at least Rollo only has a sprain.