About Us

Pit Crew IL Rescue is an emergency medical rescue that provides rehabilitation and training services for dogs who have been abused, neglected and left behind to suffer.

Every dog that enters our program receives individualized emergency treatment and attention from our vet, specialists and volunteers to help them on their road to recovery.

Every dog that we welcome into our program, comes in with their own set of challenges and unimaginable pasts.  Each rescued dog receives individualized care and treatment to help them leave their pasts behind and trust in a better tomorrow.  With time, patience, kindness, good training, dedication and hard work, Pit Crew IL is committed to providing our animals with the long and happy futures that they so richly deserve.

Pit Crew IL Rescue was founded with a mission to provide the animals that cross our path with the medical attention, rehabilitation and training they need to find a new and loving family.  The welfare, safety and health of our dogs is of the utmost importance.

And we never forget that sometimes a second chance is their only chance.