{A Story} Kona’s Girls

Sunday at 11:45am: Off to see which one of Kona’s girls is getting adopted today! Then making food drop off rounds…Enjoy your Sunday!

On the way: Ms. Saphire had shotgun today….

And then: Well today’s adoption didn’t go as we planned. It started off with all three of the girls getting very sick in the car. We pulled up to our appointment with head to toe ick pibbles

We were greeting by the neighbors and adopters and everyone pitched in to get the girls into the back yard for some serious clean up. Saphire was the itty bitty welcoming committee pitte and instantly went around saying hi while the three girls started clean up.

Then everyone was off and running as neighbors popped by to say hi and show some love to the babies. After a while it was decision time as we had a long ride back to the fosters with the two that needed to go home.

Ummm…..Saphire and I left empty handed!!! All three of Kona’s pups stayed!! Misty and Storm got adopted to the same family and Skye is in a foster to adopt right next door! Most pawsome day EVER for these three sisters! They will be growing up together…How cool is that?