We would like to introduce Tyson and he could really use a helping hand right now. 

Tyson was found standing in the middle of the road, barely able to put one foot in front of the other. He has bite marks covering his body, many of his teeth are broken to the root, he is starved almost to the point of no return, and he is heartworm positive. 

He has been utterly failed by humans up until this point, yet he is still wagging his tail and looking for someone to love and care for him. Thankfully a good samaritan scooped him up and took him to the ER for fluids and an exam. 

He remains in the hospital receiving supportive care and a plea went out for help. Remembering the condition that Chubbs was in when his plea went out, we instantly felt a connection and knew he needed our help.

In honor of Chubbs, Tyson will receive the care he needs to heal so he can get his second chance.

Please help us help Tyson.

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