Imagine this if you can…

Imagine growing into your senior years with no one. Never receiving any basic care. Never receiving the things you need to survive like food and water. Never receiving any love. 

Imagine your body being so deprived, you can barely lift your head. Your chest so full of fluid and heartworm, each breath feels like a struggle. Your body so neglected, each rib stands out, masses form and go uncared-for. Imagine this is the life you know, you live.

Can you imagine it? We can’t.

For this poor senior girl, this was her life. This was all that she knew. This is what her humans allowed. So much neglect, so much struggle and yet, in true dog form, she remains sweet and trusts the human touch. 

Though she still struggles, she now knows that not all humans are uncaring, unfeeling or unloving.

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