We received, photos, video and ER vet records on this sweet baby. On December 20th her little world changed. Sadly she escaped her yard at night, which is by a busy a street, and was hit by a car. She was rushed to a local ER and had no outward signs of injury but refused to use her back legs. They did x-rays and nothing is broken or looked abnormal. They put her on crate rest with Rimadyl  for 10 days in hopes that would help her….but sadly it hasn’t. 

Her family can’t afford any more treatment and can’t handle the new needs of a special needs puppy. Yes, she is a puppy, only 6 months old and just 32lbs. She still has bowel and bladder use so any damage didn’t hit that far at this point. But they are looking to put her down if help can’t be found.

We have welcomed her to the Pit Crew IL family but need your help asap. The wonderful angel trying to keep this baby from being put down already has her rehab therapy and wheelchair costs covered so we just need to focus on finding out what the issue is that has caused her to lose her back leg use.

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