{Pupdate} Angel’s First Night with her Foster

Angel is spending the morning protecting her new family from the rascally squirrels running around outside! She had a great night last night and has adjusted so smoothly to her new home. She is extremely happy to have a new brother and sister to watch over and a new mom to give her the structure she loves so much. YAY for this sweet baby!!!

{Pupdate} Angel finds a foster! Just in time!

We are more than thrilled to announce that tonight Angel will be sleeping in a home with her new foster family who already ADORE her!! Thank you so much Hope!!!

We would also like to thank Crystal with Saving Lives, 1 Dog at a Time for helping make this happen today.

Angel had many pittie angels on her side and I thank each of you for working so hard to help her. She has much love and happy tails ahead!

Dipper Has Been Adopted!

Dipper, now Sheldon, has been adopted! He found himself an amazing family tonight and we couldn’t be happier for our little man! Thank you so much Bill & Kim for giving him a pawsome home filled with lots of love! There are many tail wags and puppy pounces in this muffins future.