Meet Noel, our true Christmas miracle. It started like always, with a simple photo of a defeated dog and maybe 30 words under her “URGENT” listing. In her little description, it said she had a cut on her neck which, after getting her to the ER, turned out to be a 13.5″ long x 3.5″ deep opening. Noel had other wounds all over her body, her past telling its sad story.

Noel underwent two major surgeries to repair her neck and struggled with infections. The horrors she has endured in her past didn’t change her sweet soul. Noel continued to love, trust and enjoy her second chance. 

After almost a month in the ER, she was able to able to be transferred to out local vet to continue her treatment as it’s far from over. 

Noel has severe heartworm that she recently began treatment for. We are working on getting her weight up and system stronger to help her get through the upcoming injections. Noel continues to take everything in stride, with a kiss and a butt wiggle.

We still have a balance at the ER that needs to be covered as well as her heartworm treatment and medications.

Help for Noel – Spay, Bloodwork, Microchip, Fecal, X-rays & Exam

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