Bruno was a ‘can you watch my dog for a few months’ kind of situation that turned into over two years. The owner repeatedly stated he would come back for Bruno, but never showed up. 

The family ‘watching’ Bruno at the time provided him with all of his vaccines and daily care while they waited for his owner to come back. 

We decided Bruno’s situation was perfect to sponsor and get him neutered, but the family watching him was hesitate about neutering him. They really wanted to believe his owner was going to return and didn’t want to alter Bruno as he wasn’t theirs. We finally convinced them to move forward with it anyway. 

Sadly for Bruno, after crashing during his attempted neuter and thousands of dollars in testing, we found out he has cancer. Since he can turn critical at anytime, we decided to place Bruno in our hospice program to live out the last days of his life. Bruno’s family took him in as one of their own – they bring him to all of his specialist appointments, follow his strict treatment plan and spoil him rotten.

Bruno recently started his chemo treatment and is doing absolutely amazing – you’d never know he has cancer! 

He is smiling more, playing, eating well again and loving life again.

Can you help Bruno in his fight with cancer?